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Gilbert Cage Pace 6S SG - White/Aqua


Cage Pace 6S Soft Ground Rugby Cleat

Introducing the Cage Pace Pro Rugby Boot - the epitome of performance footwear exclusively designed for rugby enthusiasts. With a 200-year legacy as the leading rugby brand, we prioritize top-notch quality and innovation in the gear that drives your game.

Tailored specifically for rugby players, the Cage Pace Pro boot redefines excellence on the field. Meticulously crafted, it blends cutting-edge tech and unmatched craftsmanship for the ultimate play.

Every stitch and sole exemplifies our unmatched innovation. The Cage Pace Boot boasts advanced materials for enhanced durability, flexibility, and traction. Its superior build ensures stability during rapid moves, empowering you to dominate in any game scenario. Emphasizing both comfort and performance, it allows you to focus solely on honing your skills.


  • Soft Ground Boot
  • Designed for traction on soft ground
  • Flexible and stable for rapid, cutting moves
  • Durable & comfortable

*All sizes are US Men's


These boots arrive with a stud tightening tool. We recommend that you tighten your studs before wearing your boots for the first time.

Stud Replacement: 

WRS All Surface/All Weather M6 Stud Kit

WRS Plastic M6 Studs 

WRS M6 Studs

Click here for more details about Boots and Boot Studs


  • Put your boots in an environment where they can dry out after each use
  • For instructions on cleaning boots and tips that will help your boots last longer, be more comfortable to wear, and be much more effective on the field, click below:

Boot Care Guide

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We provide FREE return labels for customers in the U.S. Items that are unwashed, unworn, and unused may be easily returned by mail within 30 days of delivery.

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