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- Wash in a machine

- Use harsh solvents or bleach

- Tumble dry or use direct heat (i.e. fireplaces, radiators, etc., which can cause cracking of your shoes’ material!)

- Dry clean

- Leave your boots in a bag between practices or matches (which can cause mold to grow)

- DON’T kick off your boots by its heels, rather untie the laces first!

Cleaning and Care:

- Remove dirt from your boots by hand using a soft cloth toothbrush and mild soap.

- Use saddle soap or smooth leather cleaner if your boots are made of leather.

- Stuff newspaper into your boots as they air dry, which helps to absorb excess moisture, and maintains the shape of shoe. Boot Dryers are also great for removing excess sweat and odor.

- Scuffs are part of the nature of rugby, but a nice leather cream can help with the look and feel of your boot!

- If your boots are made of leather consider conditioning with a leather moisturizer.

- Never use a liquid shoe polish on boots. Try to use a good paste wax based shoe polish like Penguin.

SG: Soft Ground Boots.

Designed specifically for play on soft natural surfaces.

FG: Firm Ground Boots.

Designed for firm natural surfaces and synthetic 4G pitches

If you play with the wrong type of boot you risk damaging your boots and injuring yourself.

If you take care of your boots in the correct way not only will your boots last longer, but they will also be more comfortable and be much more efficient on the field!