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Rugby Studs

Rugby studs differ in shape and length to cater to varying needs and preferences.  While the most common use case is longer studs for softer ground you can actually purchase shorter studs, even non-metal studs, to work on firm or artificial surfaces where metal might not be appropriate or permitted.  This prevents you from needing to own two pairs of boots for both firm ground and soft ground.

Generally we recommend purchasing studs that are around 11 to 19 mm long (21 mm is the maximum allowed by World Rugby regulations). The longer the studs, the better traction they afford on soft ground as they can penetrate the uneven or muddy ground much deeper making it less likely to simply slip on the muddiest upper layer of the field. Soft ground cleats also only have around 6 to 8 studs each shoe in order to efficiently distribute the weight on each stud digging in the grass.

Our wide range of rugby studs is made with 100% durable aluminum, which greatly enhances its stability and life span. We also carry a line ofGilbert’s Protip studs andGilbert Prolite Studs, which are lighter than traditional aluminum and fit specific Gilbert models.

No matter what brand you wear, if you are using soft ground cleats it is highly recommended to buy back up studs as they can come loose over time and during play.  Since there are usually on 8 - 10 studs on a boot (counting heel and forefoot) losing a stud can significantly alter the functionality of the boot.