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Gilbert Rugby Boots

Gilbert Rugby is the world’s oldest rugby product brand, and it is no surprise that there is a rich history behind it. It all started when William Gilbert, who was a boot and shoemaker to a local Rugby School, operated in a small shop within town. By 1823, he ventured out of his product line and supplied rugby balls to the Rugby School.

As his reputation grew, he earned himself a name at the London Great Exhibitions and received medals for his fine craftsmanship. His products continued to progress and develop with new materials that proved to be more efficient and long lasting than the previous one.

When he passed in 1877, his nephew took over the company, which brought the name worldwide and eventually reached other countries such as Australia. As their export business strengthened, so did their steady stream of clientele.

Fast-forward to the year 2002, Grays of Cambridge Int Ltd acquired the Gilbert brand and continued on the legacy with much better ball technology and production efficiency as well as continuing the tradition of producing rugby boots.

We carry a selection of Gilbert rugby boots forYouth,Junior, and Adult rugby players of all positions. They come in sizes as small as US 11 - 14 youth and in adult sizes from US 2.5 up to US 15.5. We have both soft ground and firm ground models, based on your position, stud count, and stud length preferences.