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Firm Ground Rugby Boots

The game of rugby is played in one of two types of pitches: natural grass and artificial turf. The latter has significantly grown in popularity because they are generally easier to maintain, and it takes away the variable factor of bad weather during game day.

Because of this, and the fact that rugby is also widely played during hot summer days, firm ground rugby boots make for a great investment. These variants are built with shorter studs that are usually molded permanently onto the footbed. Firm ground rugby boots typically have around 11 to 13 studs, allowing it to have better traction on hard surfaces and disperse pressure across the foot more evenly for comfort on hard grounds. 

There are some instances wherein a player may want to invest in only one pair of cleats at a time. In this instance, we highly recommend getting firm ground boots as these can work perfectly fine on natural surfaces as well, making them the more practical and versatile choice all around. Some players even prefer them on soft surfaces, too, because of the speed and agility they provide either way.  The big exception to this would be if you are a tight five forward where you should almost always be using studs given the traction demands of scrums.

We also carry them in a variety of sizes ranging from US size 2.5 all the way to US size 13.5. We also offer a variant for ouryounger rugby players, with sizes US 11 Youth up to US 14 Youth.

If you are looking into getting a pair of firm ground rugby boots, we highly recommend looking into:

  • Adidas Predator Malice Control FG Rugby Boots
  • Diadora Brasil Elite LT Rugby Boot
  • Gilbert Sidestep VX 10 LO Molded Junior Rugby Boots
  • Gilbert Sidestep VX 10 LO Molded Mini Rugby Boots (Youth sizes only)