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Business Development: World Rugby Shop

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For over twenty years we have scoured the world in search of new innovations that improve the sport of rugby. Over that time, we have bought millions of dollars’ worth of great ideas and not so great ideas from huge brands such as Canterbury, Gilbert, BLK, adidas and Nike and from tiny one-man businesses from the Australian outback to Petersburg, Illinois. One of our favorite discoveries was the world's best blow up rugby post ever invented. Designed and built by an Englishman who lives in New Zealand. The product is a sensation. It was almost more fun meeting the inventor and discovering the product than it is selling it. We live for innovation. We were the first US retailer to release rugby DVDs. We even sold one of the first Rugby movies on the Apple iTunes store.  

Our team at WRS wants to continue to positively influence the world of rugby.  Hence, we love to partner with innovative manufacturers and retail shops that enhance the merchandise and broaden the buying opportunities for our customers.  Part of our vision is to build strong relationships within the rugby community and to be committed contributors to a vibrant, creative and ethical sporting environment.  If your organization fits within that vision and is interested in joining forces to achieve that goal, please contact us by completing the Business Development form below.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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