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Vintage Rugby Balls

The original rugby ball manufacturer, Gilbert Rugby, skillfully produces all of the vintage rugby balls in our collection. Each piece is crafted with premium leather that has been embossed with the team logo.


Canada has a long and proud rugby tradition including appearances at nearly every Rugby World Cup and qualifying for the quarterfinals in the first ever RWC.

This rugby ball has been officially licensed by Rugby Canada, and is perfect for those who have admired and followed Canadian Rugby throughout all their defining years.


England is not only the birthplace of the sport, but the England National Rugby Union Team is also consistently one of the most feared worldwide. They won a world cup, scores of 6 nation titles, amongst many others.  It is a legacy to be proud of and this officially licensed vintage ball is the perfect way to show it off.


Few teams have added as much flair and drama to the sport as the French.  While historically labeled as inconsistent and mercurial, on their day few teams can match the beautiful combination of absolute ferocity, ingenuity, and audacity of the French national team.  Our game is richer for their presence.  This vintage rugby ball is officially licensed and is perfect for French Rugby enthusiasts who would pay homage to that storied past.


USA Rugby, while still a minnow of the rugby world, has a shockingly long and rich history that started as far back as 1872 and includes 2 Olympic gold medals at the 1920 and 1924 Olympic games. This vintage rugby ball has been officially licensed by USA Rugby, and is perfect for USA Rugby fans everywhere.


Few nations have loved rugby as the Welsh love rugby.  Despite being a small country, they have consistently competed and excelled at the highest levels of the sport and played some of the most open and attacking rugby to be found.  The Welsh are rightfully proud of their heritage and their place in rugby’s history and this officially licensed vintage rugby ball is a perfect way to showcase it.