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Rugby Kicking Tees

For low kicking angles,we recommend theGilbert Precision series, the Rugby Bricks Wolf series, and theRugby Bricks Vortex Low Cut. This is the most common of all rugby kicking tees in rugby since it is regarded to be the most stable height and offers the lowest center of gravity, which is great for power kicking. There is, however, less margin for error when using low kicking tees.

For medium kicking angles,we recommend the Rugby Bricks Vortex series,Rugby Bricks Wolf Plus series, and Rugby Bricks 88 series (or an adjustable or telescopic Gilbert tee). Because of the extra height that these rugby kicking tees provide, you have more control over the ball placement depending on your personal kicking style, which greatly helps with accuracy.  These are easier to learn on for new kickers and slightly taller players and are generally more forgiving than low profile or high profile tees.

For high kicking angles, we have two main options you can choose from, which we have listed below. High rugby kicking tees can offer you much more ground clearance, which is best for very tall players or for kicking very long distances.  The height of this kind of tee can lead to a tendency to kick the ball high or strike the tee so it can be less forgiving than a medium height tee. 

Our two picks are:

For ultimate convenience and flexibility,we highly recommend theGilbert telescopic rugby kicking tees. This model offers you three different height options by simply pulling or pushing it down, which you can conveniently manipulate based on the field condition and kicking style of each player.

For flexibility,we recommend the Gilbert adjustable rugby kicking tees. This model also offers variable height options by means of a screw thread system.