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WRS All Surface/All Weather M6 Stud Kit


WRS All Surface/All Weather M6 Stud Kit

Forget keeping multiple pairs of boots for different weather and conditions.  With this kit, you can convert your soft ground boots to fit any field and weather type you will come across.  Artificial grass, firm/hard natural grass, soft ground, mud, rain, snow- whatever surface or weather you need to play in you are covered.

Never turn up with the wrong boots for the occasion again.  With enough studs in each size to completely replace both boots studs with 3 to spare you will have what you need and then some.

This kit includes:

(1) Stud Wrench

(15) 8mm Plastic Studs- Perfect for hard/firm natural grass

(15) 11mm Plastic Studs- Artificial grass safe and works well on firm grounds too

(15) 6mm Metal Studs- good midrange stud for soft, but not soaking wet fields

(15) 8mm Metal Studs- perfect for soft natural grass that isn't wet

(15) 11mm Metal Studs- good all around length for soft fields with some wetness

(15) 13mm Metal Studs- aggressive length for mud without being too long and "heavy"

(15) 15mm Metal Studs- more aggressive length to handle muddier conditions

(15) 18mm Metal Studs- most aggressive length made to handle serious rain and mud

Here is a list of some compatible models:

adidas adizero RS7 Series

adidas adizero RS15 Series

adidas RS15 Series

adidas Predators Series

adidas Malice Series 

Gilbert Pace Series



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