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Rugby Ball Bags

Throughout multiple training sessions and even on game days, rugby teams are expected to have a huge amount of rugby balls, flat cones, and other essential accessories to carry around. One of the best ways to make this process as efficient as possible is by investing in a durable yet lightweight rugby ball bag.

The ideal rugby ball bag can carry multiple rugby balls with ease, all while leaving room for more kinds of gear. It should be made of long-lasting materials and its construction should be able to take a beating on daily. It isn’t an item most folks want to spend much money on, but a good quality bag that can hold up over time is money well spent.

We carry a quality selection of rugby ball bags from the highly rated sports brand, Gilbert. You can choose between two main variants, namely:

Gilbert Breathable Sturdy Rugby Ball Bag. This variant is made up of durable polyester panels and strong mesh. It has one large adjustable strap for easy transportation, keeping your hands free as you take your rugby gear around.  This is an extremely durable bag that has a bigger up front price tag, but will last for years.

Gilbert Mesh Rugby Ball and Equipment Bag. This variant is made up entirely of strong mesh and has a straightforward design.  It lacks the reinforcing panels of the sturdy ball bag, but it is shockingly roomy and lightweight.

Both variants feature a drawstring enclosure, which you can easily pull shut or open to access your rugby gear. Their mesh material allows air to circulate through the bag, ensuring that the equipment can breathe and prevent mildew from building up. Essentially, drying your gear while it is not in use and preparing it for the next session. It can hold around 12 to 14 rugby balls and still have room for your flat cones.