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Lineout Lifting Kit


Lineout Lifting Kit

Get everything you need to get yourself or your team ready for lineouts in a single kit.  Each lineout lifting kit includes:

(1) Pair of Gilbert Lineout Lifting Blocks

(1) Roll of EAB tape (Elastic Adhesive Bandage) as the base for holding the lifting blocks

(1) Roll of Gilbert's Wonder tape to lock down the EAB tape and blocks

This is the classic method for preparing lineout jumpers legs for matches and serious practices.  EAB tape is flexible and rugged while still adhering to the thigh (not just itself) so it won't restrict range of motion like standard athletic tape can.  This is not tear EAB so scissors will be needed to cut the sections. The lifting blocks are light weight and mean you don't have to keep up with lengths of hose, make your own, or use various implements.  The Wonder Tape provides the finishing touches to the tape job to keep the EAB tape down and the lineout blocks framed nicely.

The lifting blocks are reusable, but you might also consider ordering additional tape.  One roll of EAB tape will general get you about 2 sessions per player.  You can buy single rolls or full cases to make sure you have plenty on hand.  You can also buy additional Wonder tape here although you will get more sessions out of a single roll than the EAB.




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