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Field Markers

Rugby Disc Cones are great for setting boundaries, practicing speed, precision, control, and overall agility. They can be utilized for all manner of training sessions and drills to the point it is hard to imagine running a modern practice without them.

Cones come in 3 different sizes, namely:

Mini disc cones. This kit consists of highly portable and compact cones that are only 1 3/8” tall and have a diameter of 5”. They come in a pack of 50 pieces, in two colors, and an adjustable strap that makes carrying it around much easier.

This is most ideal for youth rugby players or those just looking to have a fun drill session.

Small disc cones. These are the smaller versions of the classic training ones that are widely used by professionals. They are more ideal for fun drills and players who are on the go. Traveling from one location to the other is not reason enough to skip out on your training routine, as these portable sized cones can be easily packed in any carry on luggage.

Because they are so compact, they are also perfect for drills performed in smaller spaces.

They are only 2” tall and 7.5” wide, made of polyethylene, and come in a set of 25 pieces.

Jumbo disc cones. These are highly visible cones that are used for proper rugby training sessions. They are 6 inches high and 11 inches wide, made of polyethylene, and come in a set of 12 pieces.

TheWet Striper andWhite Paint cans are used to properly line your rugby field in either 2” or 4” wide lines to help make training and matches more efficient and consistent.