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Canterbury Rugby Boots

Back in 1904, three men by the names of John Lane, Pringle Walker, and Alfred Rudkin started manufacturing tough woolen garments in a small town within New Zealand. This town was called Canterbury, thus the birth of their now well-known brand name.

From the very beginning, they have never compromised on quality and continuously created the most rugged set of products they could generate. As their reputation grew, they even began supplying to both the Australian and New Zealand army who needed the toughest of gears to battle in World War 1. Finally, the All Blacks rugby team, a true New Zealand institution, chose Canterbury to be their partner for decades to come, supplying the team with the best equipment for their training sessions and official rugby matches.

We carry two of the famous Canterbury Rugby Boots, namely:

Canterbury Speed 3.0 SG Rugby Boot.

Canterbury Phoenix 3.0 SG Rugby Boot.

Both models were designed for utmost power play with a perfect mix of subtle agility and sturdy traction. They are built for soft ground turf, where natural grasses may be slippery, muddy, and uneven. This is why their removable metal studs are 13mm long and offer impeccable grip.

They both feature an asymmetric lacing pattern, which offers the player a high scuff resistant PU and a much greater surface area when kicking the rugby ball. This design was specifically selected to enhance durability and abrasion resistance.

Moreover, their internal mesh lining ensures utmost comfort, ventilation, and better chances at keeping feet dry, despite variable weather conditions. The 3D molded heel counter provides players with more stability and support for even the toughest of matches.

Last, but not the least, the Canterbury rugby boots are made with multiple shock reducing properties to lessen the chances of strain and injuries, ensuring that players can maximize their full potential and power through every game.