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WRS M5 Studs


WRS 05F M5 Studs

These are a traditional conical stud that is used primarily on forwards boots.  A standard configuration is the 8 stud design with 6 studs in the fore foot and 2 studs in the heel.  It is common for boots to have a slightly shorter stud in the front 6 positions and longer studs in the two heel studs.  15mm and 18mm is the most common combination out of the box.  That said a uniform stud length feels nearly the same and some prefer it in the event you want to replace all the studs with the same length for ease of use.

15mm is the most common length and works great on soft and slightly wet conditions.  It is a good all around length stud especially for forwards.

18mm is most common in the heel of a 15/18 combo, but is a great length to utilize on the whole boot when you want very aggressive traction on soft ground and the ability to play in muddy conditions.  

21mm is the most aggressive length and is as good as it gets for the wettest conditions.  If your primary concern is scrummaging and you play on a soft field this is a great length.  It is not recommended for firm fields though.

Each kit comes with (20) total studs in your selected size along with a stud wrench.  This will let you fully replace both boots and still have (4) spare studs as needed.

Here is a list of some compatible boot types:

adidas Kakari Series

Canterbury Stampede

Canterbury Phoenix

Gilbert Sidestep Series (8 stud model)

Gilbert Kinetica






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