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January 25, 2022 3 min read

If your child is new to the sport of rugby and you’re not sure what he or she needs, you’re in the right place.  We’re here to point you in the right direction. Just check out our top recommendations below, and Welcome to the World of Rugby!


Gilbert Kaizen Junior Rugby Boots

Boots - Boots are a necessity!  Though some football boots can suffice, most have studs with sharp edges that are not allowed in the sport of rugby as they can cause injury to other players.  If your child has football boots with screw in studs, you should replace them with specialist rugby studs.   We highly recommend investing in a pair of specialty rugby boots.  

Check out our range of  Junior Rugby Bootshere or our Full Line of Rugby Boots, if your child is older or needs a larger size.

If you just love learning, check out the following for all the details about Rugby Boots: Rugby Boot Guide Video Which Rugby Boots Are Right For Me Blog, Rugby Boot Stud Guide, Rugby Boot Care Guide



Gilbert WRS A XV Size 4 Training Rugby Ball

Rugby Ball - Most kids want to practice their tosses at home, and it's important to train with a proper rugby ball. Rugby balls are elongated with an oval shape and four panels.  They are made of leather or a suitable synthetic material.  Though the shape is similar to the American football, the ends of the rugby ball are flatter and there are no laces.  Regulation rugby balls are 11 to 11.8 inches (280 to 300 mm) long and weigh .9 to 1.01 pounds (410-460 grams).  For training purposes and learning the game, however, rugby balls come in various sizes for different age groups.  

To determine which size rugby ball is right for your child, visit our Rugby Ball Sizing Blog, or to learn all the details about rugby balls, visit our Rugby Ball Guide

Check out our Youth Size Rugby Balls, in particular the WRS A-XV Size 4 Training Rugby Ball.


If you don't already have a Ball Pump, we've got you covered there too!



A kit bag –  Your child will need a place to store all his/her gear while traveling to and from practice or matches.  The best bags have several compartments, so all your child’s gear can be accessed easily.  A separate water-resistant compartment is a plus for muddy boots and your boot cleaning supplies (kit away from clean kit).  A padded adjustable strap makes it more comfortable and easier to carry. Take a look at our Rugby Bags!

SISU Blue Mouth Guard


Mouth Guard – USA Rugby requires the use of mouth guards for all players playing contact rugby.  Whether you child is playing tag rugby or tackle, we strongly encourage the use of a mouth guard to protect his or her teeth.  Mouth guards can be easily molded to your child’s mouth using hot water.

Take a look at our selection of Rugby Mouth Guards.

Learn how to fit your mouthguard: How to Fit My SISU MouthguardSISU Mouthguard before & after fitting





Canterbury Raze Junior Rugby Headguard Scrum Cap

A Head Guard – Your child will be much safer on the pitch when wearing a scrum cap.  This head guard helps protect from small abrasions as well as reduces the risk of cauliflower ears.  

Check out our Rugby Scrum Cap Selection

Watch this Rugby Scrum Cap Video Guide to learn more.  

Thermal long sleeve top – When it’s cold, it’s really nice to have a top that keeps you dry by wicking sweat from the skin.  The quick dry fabric also makes it easy to wash and wear again the next day.  


All Blacks Black Beanie

A beanie – In cooler weather, a beanie is great during warm-ups, cool downs and half time. If it’s really cold, it’s nice to have a thin, highly thermal hat, that can be worn under a scrum cap.  Check out our wide variety of Rugby Hats & Beanies 

USAR Youth Hockey Hoodie

A Hoodie – A thick hoodie is nice in the winter months for your child to put on before and after practice and during half time.  Check out our Youth Rugby Hoodies.     

Lucky Rucker Water Bottle

A water bottle –  It’s always important to stay hydrated, no matter what the weather.  Your child will want a water bottle to bring to practice each day and to have for the ride home. Choose from one of our many Rugby Water Bottles.

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