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Rugby Trusox Revolution

Rugby players are slowly starting to join the Trusox revolution. For many players they don’t even know what to look for but it is impossible to miss once you have seen the signature Trusox look, the little black square dots on the socks of players.

Trusox feature the non-slip technology pads, those little black square dots, on the outside and inside of the socks. This insures that your foot stays secure and stable in your rugby cleat to help improve your changes of direction (making cuts), transfer of power (the surge of the scrum), and kicking accuracy.

Scotland’s Duncan Weir is the best known Rugby Union player that regularly wears Trusox. They are more popular in Rugby Union with the likes of Brett Ferres, Jarryd Hayne, Sam Tomkins, and Leroy Cudjoe spotted in the performance enhancing equipment.

For maximum performance, Trusox do need to be in contact with the player’s foot and rugby cleat which requires players to cut off or alter their team sock. This helps give the distinct Trusox look to the players wearing them.

The reason most rugby players are not familiar with the new brand is that Trusox have relied more on word-of-mouth reputation rather than fancy marketing schemes. They believe that if a players try the socks they will start using them and others will follow.

This strategy has been a huge success in soccer. The company sent samples to clubs all over Europe and now they are on every pitch around the globe. Trusox arguably had the best guerrilla marketing campaign of the 2014 World Cup without spending a dime on advertising.

Trusox is expanding the colors they offer so that your team color can still be incorporated in your socks.

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