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The Kenyan Rugby Union needs a sponsor

March 03, 2022 1 min read

We sat down with the Director of high performance sport in Kenya, Oscar Mango, to find out a little more about the state of rugby in Kenya.

Kenya currently have around 4000 club players and 6000 school children playing the ruggaz. Kenya has three national men's leagues, with top division boasting 'semi professional' status.  The league allows muAll the members of Kenyan 15s side that beat Brasil last week and ago and lost to Namibia last week are based in Kenya. There were a few Kenyan players missing, who are away studying in Europe. These missing cogs will join up with the side in preperation for the world cup qualifiers in Franch next April. Kenya will be competing for spots with Namibia, Zimbabwe, Uganda for the Africa 2 world cup spot. If they are unsuccesfull, they have a second that in November in the recharge 2 positin. 

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