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INEOS Sponsors Top Rugby Teams

March 03, 2022 2 min read

Who is INEOS? INEOS is a multinational chemical company headquartered in London, United Kingdom. The company was formed in 1998 by the merger of Innovene and Zeneca.

In 2021, INEOS became the second largest chemical producer in the world, with 36 businesses in 29 countries around the world. The company encompasses Industry, Consumer Brands, and Sports, touching all aspects of modern day life.


"The INEOS Sport performance group brings together some of the best people in sport to tackle the greatest sporting challenges, through technology and human performance, and will officially launch later this year. 

Working together, teams will identify opportunities for performance gains that can be shared and applied across the group. Utilising the unique access to world-leading experts who operate across the full sports performance spectrum."


We produce some of the key chemicals and compounds that are fundamental to rugby. We produce polyolefin and PVC that goes into training equipment such as tackle bags and the post pads, and plastics that go into smart vests. Olefins and butanediol into rubber to make the kicking tees, plastics in rugby boots and the chemicals used to make polyester for clothing. We produce ABS in the earphones used by referees and thermo plastics that go into mouth guards. We produce composites used in stadium construction, polypropylene in stadium seats and titanium dioxide that creates the pigments for lines on the pitch.

New Zealand Rugby has confirmed petroleum giant INEOS has signed on as a new sponsor of the All Blacks. Under the new six-year deal, the All Blacks, Black Ferns, Sevens, NZ U20 and NZ Māori teams will all incorporate the new sponsor's logo on their playing shorts and training jerseys.Jul 28, 2021

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