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June 22, 2021 1 min read


Stade Vélodrome rugby World Cup

How to get there:

On a train to Marseille St Charles is probably your best bet to get to the city with the airport

being 30km away from the centre. To get to the stadium itself jump on the Metro 2 to

Ronda Point du Prado and it’s then a five minute walk from there.

Where the rugby’s happening:

The Stade Velodrome is home to Olympique de Marseille football team and one of the most

passionate fanbases in the country, it was built all the way back in 1938 and was one of the

stadiums for the 2007 RWC.

Where to get some beers:

Chez Michel is more of a restaurant than a bar but their fantastic traditional bouillabaisse is

Zinedine Zidane’s favourite place and therefore a must. You could also head to sophisticated

beer cellar Fietje in a lovely spot to try out hundreds of craft beers.

What to visit whilst I’m there:

The Mediterranean city is a place with great history and was named European Capital of

Culture back in 2013, it’s very much a diamond in the rough. Some areas may be perceived

as not very nice but that’s what is Marseille’s charm. Once you’re there you should take a

walk on the “Vieux Port” or old Port and check out all the different cafes and the fish market

is an experience in itself too.

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