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March 08, 2022 3 min read

July 29, 2020

Craig Wilson was born in England and is currently the men's and women's Head Coach at Yale University. Wilson was internationally capped for the Hong Kong National Team and has represented professional academies at Leicester Tigers and Northampton Saints. He has played in both the Scottish and Hong Kong premiership and coached the India National Team at both XV’s and sevens.

Blaine was capped 54 times by the USA, and captained his country to two Americas Rugby Championships and also led his country to 2019 World Cup in Japan. He played for two leading clubs in the UK, Leicester Tigers, and Cardiff Blues. At college, Blaine played for the most decorated programs in US history, Cal Berkely- where we won two national championships.

Rugby Wisdom Podcast

Blaine Scully

Craig Wilson:Thank you for tuning into Rugby Wisdom in 3 with me, Craig Wilson. This is the impactful podcast that does not impact your time. On today’s show, I’m joined by Blaine Scully. Blaine was capped 54 times for United States and competed in three Rugby World Cups. In 2016, Blaine became captain and led the U.S. to two America’s Cup championships before leading his nation to the 2019 World Cup in Japan. Blaine also played for two of the U.K. leading clubs, Leicester Tigers and Cardiff Blues. Before turning pro, Blaine played for one of the best collegiate programs in the U.S., Cal Berkeley, winning two national championships. 

Blaine, welcome to the podcast. 

Blaine Scully: Thanks for having me. 

Craig Wilson: Such a pleasure to have you on. Look, as a Tigers fan, it was great seeing you run out Welford Road, but I’m really interested in that you were one of a select few to play at three World Cups. Can you share what you learned from each of those experiences from a young player through to a captain? 

Blaine Scully: I guess my experience at the Rugby World Cup sort of mirrored my journey as a professional and international rugby player in the sense that I was a young kid in 2011 who made the World Cup team as a bolter straight out of university, and really all I had to do was focus on myself and my performance. And of course, I had to do my role and functioning in the team, but my sole focus was on doing my job. By the time 2015 rolled around, I’d assumed a leadership position in the squad and was the vice captain to Chris Wyles, and that experience taught me so much in the sense of learning, and growing, and maturing. Learning about what makes a team tick and what to focus on, and maybe what to push to the side. 

By the time 2019 rolled around, I really started to hone in and figure out how to put myself in the context of the team. As the team leader, effectively you’re responsible for the team and its results. That being said, that journey from yourself and your own performance needs to still carry through to as a leader, because you have to be first and foremost be doing your job. Secondly, you have to grow and empower those around you, and finally it’s recognizing that the role of the captain is a service-based position. It’s not a position of privilege. You are there to serve the team as the first among equals and empower and grow everyone around you. 

Craig Wilson: That’s really cool and I love that saying, first among equals. Look, Blaine, I really appreciate you sharing your experiences there. I think there’s awesome wisdom from new players coming through to actually leading your country, and what a privilege it was to watch you play for the United States, and also those great clubs. Thanks for joining me on the pod, Blaine. 

Blaine Scully: Thank you. Appreciate it.

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