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November 18, 2021 1 min read

Harlequins Rugby Club is one of the oldest to play the game. The club was founded way back in 1886 as The Hampstead Football Club and was even a founding member of the Rugby Football Union. 

After just four years, an internal disagreement caused half of the club’s membership to leave and form the Wasps Rugby Club. Cementing one of the oldest rivalries ever in club rugby.

Harlequins’ affiliate programme started in 1906 when the club formed an official allegiance with the Pretoria Harlequins, in South Africa.

Since then they have gone on to form official partnerships with seven other clubs including Melbourne Harlequins in 1928, Hobart Harlequins in 1934, New Zealand Harlequins in Hamilton in 1938, Kenya Harlequins in 1952, Dallas Harlequins in Texas, USA in 1983, Future Hope Harlequins in Kolkata, India in 2004 and most recently Abu Dhabi Harlequins in 2008. (recite these quickly in a funny way, we can highlight all locations on a map.)

This makes Harlequins one of the biggest global affiliate clubs in the world.
offering all eight factions coaching and club support, working towards growing women’s rugby and further deepening partnerships with wheelchair rugby.

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