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October 02, 2020 2 min read

1. Portugal

This coastal country has an expanding rugby scene. Contracts aren't glamorous, but players can earn between 500-1000 Euro per month, + get free accommodation and a job through the club. Vacancies, especially for the tight 5, can be found online. 

rugby surfingrugby surfing

 2. Honolulu

Super Rugby Aotearoa may include Kanaloa Hawaii in their 2022. If Kanaloa Hawaii are also accepted into the MLR for 2022, you could be part of two competitions being played simultaneously. This scenario isn't likely, but a lot can change in two years. 

rugby surfing

If Kanaloa Hawaii doesn’t work out for you, you can always head east to some more established rugby locations along 3. The West Coast of North America.

Try get involved with the San Diego Legion or the new fellows on the block, the LA Giltinis. If you prefer cold water surfing, like many of the purists, then perhaps Seattle or Vancouver is the place for you.  You may be a bit more of a drive from the waves, but there are a few wonderful spots up there. If Canada do get a second MLR, and it does go somewhere along the Canadian West Coast, then you'd be part of a new rugby hub in North America.


rugby surfingrugby surfing           

 4. The Channel Islands

If its cold water you want, then look no further. If you’re backing yourself to be full blown professional, then head over to the Championship based,Jersey Reds, for a trial. If you want to play at a slightly lower level, the Guernsey Raiders (London & South East Premier Division) are for you. Most of the players aren’t paid, but the club helps players find a lucrative job if they’ve got the skills. These tax havens, especially Jersey, have some regular waves as well as a lack of crowds.

rugby surfing

 5. Biarritz Olympique FC

Enjoy this small romantic city, which is home to some of the Atlantic’s best waves. The Grand Plague is an iconic beach in Biarritz, but its waves can lack consistency, especially over the Easter weekend. When it does work though, the waves are simply incredible. The ocean is nearthe Pro D2 club and can be used as an ice bath after a tough session in winter. However, when summer comes around, so will the end of your rugby season and thus the need for ice baths will be nullified. This is the perfect time for weeks upon weeks of long boarding in the city's warm water. The Hossegor tubes of La Gravière are also only a hour's cycle from Biarritz.

rugby surfing


6. Strand, South Africa

This seaside suburb is only 15 minutes from the rugby institution that is Stellenbosch. Strand has consistent waves, especially in the morning. It’s also only a short distance from Betty’s and Koelbaai, which can really cook and are both magical. Surfers are encouraged to make peace with their god before they enter the water, due to the slight risk of a shark attack.

rugby surfingrugby surfing

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