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Rugby Ball Care

Rugby Ball Care

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Rugby Ball Care


Prior to training or match, use a soft cloth, light detergent and warm water to remove dirt and residue from your rugby ball. This ensures that the grip remains in prime condition for maximum length of time. 

* Soapy water effectively kills virus particles.  Cleaning balls during training sessions and matches when possible can help protect against the spread of viruses.  However, hand hygiene is the priority. (Advised by World Rugby's Chief Medical Officer, Eanna Falvey)

Inflation and Air Pressure

Inflate ball to 9.5 psi

Change in pressure can occur due to climate conditions and the natural materials used in the ball's bladder.  Check the pressure before use and adjust.

A stirrup pump or another had pump is recommended to inflate balls as compressor pumps or airline pumps can lead to over inflation.

Do not overinflated balls - this may cause loss of shape and affect performance.  Once over-inflated, a ball does not return to intended, optimal shape.

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Storing Balls

Store in a dry environment.  If left in wet environments, tiny amounts of water will accumulate inside the ball and increase its weight, affecting the performance and life span of the ball.



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