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World VII end of season game

July 22, 2020 2 min read

World VII end of season gameTeams on the international sevens circuit know each-other in and out. They stay in the same hotels, eat in the same canteens and recover in the same pools. Imagine seeing an exhibition game of the best 14 players at the end of each season. 

This would bring such a Barbarians feel to the sevens circuit. The best players would have the freedom to express themselves, without the pressure.

Another option is to have the winning team of the series play against the World VII. This would be more traditionally barbarian. The world’s best nation against a team of the world’s best and most exciting players. But, as its 7s perhpas it should be different, and we should just see the best 14 players, plus reserves, battle it out.


The series normally starts in December in Dubai and has its final leg in Paris the following June. While it would be great to see the World VII match played after this final leg, we must consider that it is an Olympic year and players won’t want to risk injury. So for the 20/21 season the World VII game should take place the day after the Olympic sevens final.

World VII 

1. Tim Mikkelson (c). New Zealand. Tim just knows sevens, he has seen it all. Some may say he’s past his.

2. Jc Pretorious. South Africa. Nicknamed “The Cyborg”, JC is incredibly powerful and has an eye for the try line.

3. Tavite Veredamu. France. When you watch him you will say wow. 


9. Jerry Tuwai. Fiji. Power and mad skills.

10. Maurice Longbottom. Australia. Feet. Feet. Feet. He’s gone. Playmaker extraordinaire.

11. Carlin Isles. USA. What a beautiful thing it would be to see the best of the 7s world putting Isles into space.

 12. Stedman Gans. South Africa. The most natural player on the circuit. 




Here is your Word VII 'A'

1. Danny Barrett. USA. If you change the letters around in his name it spells “Dude is a beast”. 

2. Tom Mitchell(c). England. The scrum-half would be heart broken to miss out on the game and would be happy to make positional switch. His injuries took a toll on him but was back to his best in 2020.

3. Waisea Nacuqu. Fiji. ‘The game breaker’.

9 Nathan Hiroyama. Canada. Class act.

10. Andrew Knewstub. New Zealand. He plays like he's from New Zealand.

11. Napolioni Bolaca. Fiji. Top points scorer of the 2019/2020 series, but edged out of the World VII due to Carlins XP.

 Honourable mentions to Dan Norton, but he didn’t seem to be at his consistent top form this season. Also honourable mentions to Jordan Conroy, top try scorer in the 19/20 series, but someone had to miss-out. 

 12. Luciano Gonzalez. Argentina. The man with three lounges. Try sniper.











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