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June 22, 2021 1 min read


How to get there:

Your best bet for travelling to Saint-Etienne is to go via Lyon. You can quite easily make your

way to either Gare de Lyon train station or Lyon-Saint Expiry airport and it’s then a little

over an hour journey to Saint-Etienne.

Where the rugby’s happening:

Stade Geoffroy-Guichard rugby World Cup 2023

The rugby is set to take place at the Stade Geoffray-Guichard, one of French football’s most

renowned grounds for both its history and the intense atmosphere that has earnt it the

nickname of “The Cauldron”. The 41 000-capacity ground was built all the way back in 1930

and was also used for RWC 2007.

Where to get some beers:

For a nice local experience, Café Saint-Jacques is a nice little place to get some beers in. If

you want to go to a bit more of an extravagant place Les Contrabanders wine bar is a lovely

little place serving drinks and a bit of tapas if you’re feeling peckish.

What to visit whilst I’m there:

Saint-Etienne is a city with a very long coalmining heritage and the Musée de la Mine gives

you a real insight into a recreated mineshaft and clever displays that have been put


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