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The advantages of the Smartpower Profiler studs are undeniable. Push harder and cut faster, all while increasing comfort and stability. The innovative studs add a layer that other studs simply can’t: customizability.

The studs, most closely resembling crampons, allows you to be more efficient and comfortable, by offering different configurations based on your position on the field. While other studs offer only one setting with their aluminum studs, Smartpower lets the user decide exactly what they need from their stud configuration.

The crampon studs have a small contact area with the ground, causing it to penetrate the ground with above average depth. Depending on the orientation of the contact area, the stud will either offer increased thrust or increased power. Gaskets are utilized between the stud and the boot, and come with this product. Gaskets can also be purchased separately (A1015158 and A1015160). A stud tool for tightening and loosening the studs comes with this product. Tools can also be purchased separately(A1015162 and A1015164).

Experimenting with your preferred orientation during training is highly recommended. Smartpower Profiler studs may look out of the ordinary, but the studs are World Rugby approved and have passed testing in the professional game.