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  • Kaizen [KAHY-ZEN]: The Japanese philosophy of continuous improvement.

    Introducing the Sidestep X9 MSX Rugby Cleat. Part of Gilbert's new Power Collection, this boot is an excellent introduction into the sport of rugby. A new spin on the classic 8-stud configuration, now with tech to improve the boot's durability and stability. Highly wearable by all positions on the field.

    Synthetic leather upper keeps this boot water resistant, while adapting with the shape and movement of your foot. Rigid TPU board insole with forefoot flex provides structure under pressure.

    The 8-stud design has been traditionally worn by the tight five--the locks, props, and hooker--who need maximum traction. The Sidestep X9 MSX takes those same principles and applies them to hard ground play, adding supporting points of contact to achieve a wider area of grip. Perfect for holding your ground in the scrum and light enough to let you sidestep around the competition.

    Comes in sizes 2-13, including 7.5, 8.5, 9.5, 10.5, 11.5, 12.5

    Unavailable for shipping in Canada.

    Club/Junior level Hard ground Non-removable studs Molded TPU studs - 14 points of contact Fully removable EVA foot bed Adaptable lacing system