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Gilbert, one of the most trusted names in Rugby, has long been known as an innovator in rugby ball technology. The rebounder half ball revolutionizes training.

The half ball design features a flattened end of the ball, perfect for passing against a wall off either hand to improve technique. The Rebounder emulates the weight, feel, and flight of standard size 5 ball. As you pass the ball against the wall, the rebounder (when passed correctly) will return directly to the passer. This makes perfecting your passing game in your spare time possible, and allows players to train passing styles with both hands on their own and without dependence on another player. features a Truflight Valve, a unique valve shape and placement that redistributes weight along the seams of the ball to improve rotational stability, resulting in greater accuracy on passes. The durable rubber match ball surface means the Rebounder will be comfortable in hand. The Rebounder also has a Hydratec barrier, a technical fabric that utilizes a water resistant lamination to protect the ball from the elements by repelling dirt and water.

All Gilbert balls are hand stitched to ensure quality and care. All balls will ship deflated.

Unavailable for shipping to Canada.

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  • ModelYear: 2015