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Match balls are a must have on game day. Gilbert is the most trusted name in rugby balls, and the Photon is the perfect entry level match ball for school-age rugby.

An official size 5 rugby ball, The Photon Match Ball features a Truflight Valve, a unique valve shape and placement that redistributes weight along the seams of the ball to improve rotational stability, resulting in greater accuracy on passes and and more control in the kicking game. The standard Gilbert grip with round pimples evenly distributed at a uniform height make the Photon a comfortable and predictable ball. 3 ply poly-cotton and cotton laminate panel means that the ball will weigh slightly more, meaning the ball will perform better on longer kicks and passes, and generally hold it's shape better than a ball of 2 ply construction. Conforms to World Rugby Specifications.

All Gilbert balls are hand stitched to ensure quality and care. All balls will ship deflated.

Unavailable for shipping in Canada.

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  • Gilbert Omega Match Rugby Ball.
  • Standard match grip. Ball has the Truflight valve and 3-ply polycotton and cotton laminate.