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When the pressure is on, no two rugby matches are the same. Once that clock starts, players need to be prepared for anything to happen—and stay ready to turn mistakes into game-changing plays.

That’s why Gilbert partnered with former Springboks and Montpellier coach, Richie Gray, to design the ultimate tool to increase player awareness and skill level: the Control-A-Ball set. This unique pack includes five near-identical balls, each with different behaviors meant to train ball fluency when passing and catching.

Fill the UNSTABLE ball with water for practice handling messy plays—those wayward catches, wobbly passes, and mid-tackle offloads.

The HEAVY and LIGHT balls condition players to feel the pass in hand. No matter IRFB regulations, what better way to learn than to train your reflexes for anything?

Meanwhile, the GRIPLESS ball challenges players on hand position and grip strength with a completely smooth surface.

And finally, the Control-A-Ball pack includes one high-quality match ball, so players can apply their new fluency when switching up things up drills.

Necessary for all levels of rugby, from beginners first learning the pass to elite teams preparing for unpredictable situations, the Control-A-Ball set is an excellent tool for an excellent price. Take your training to the next level this season. Turn the game into a reflex.

Available in size 4 and 5. All hand-stitched.

Unavailable for shipping in Canada.