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  • Trusted by elite teams worldwide, the adidas Predator boots have helped turn the tides of countless games, whether nailing every conversion or controlling play with a well-placed kick.

    The latest instillation in the Predator line—The Predator Malice Control—are adidas’s lightest boots yet. These soft ground boots feature a new, synthetic knit upper that fits with sock-like closeness. Flexible and yet durable, this design allows the foot to expand and contract naturally without fear of looseness during explosive movements. A 10 mm raised heel, too, primes the foot for acceleration. And not to forget: the knit upper offers improved breathability to prevent overheating on hot turf and grass.

    Like its predecessor, the Predator Malice Control features an intelligent synthetic leather toe for both firmness and feeling when kicking. Rubber pads allow for superior intention when the foot creates contact with the ball. Meanwhile, the asymmetric lacing in combination with adidas’s Hybrid Touch system offers wearers a larger sweet spot, allowing for more focus to be placed on aim when converting the ball.

    On the underside, the boot features a hybrid Speed Traxion stud configuration. Six removable metal studs offer drive on wet ground while the molded blades keep each step quick, light, and precise.

    Truly a boot for the thinkers and innovators. Take control of the game, even when your back is to the wall.