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  • Trusted worldwide, the adidas Predators have redefined what a rugby boot can achieve.

    The latest instillation in the Predator line are adidas’s lightest boots yet. These soft ground boots offer a balance between pinpoint kicking and full-out speed. Flexible and yet durable, the synthetic leather upper provides a powerful structure for sprinting while remaining ultra-lightweight. An all-around boot for any backline player.

    Like its predecessors, the Predator Malice features a 10mm raised heel for dynamic foot positioning, while asymmetric lacing offers wearers a larger sweet spot when kicking the ball. On the underside, the boot features a hybrid Speed Traxion stud configuration. Six removable metal studs offer drive on wet ground while the molded blades keep each step quick, light, and precise.

    Push the backline to the forefront. Don’t just wait for opportunities, make them.