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Vintage Triple Blue T-Shirt


Vintage Triple Blue Tee - CAMBRIDGE ROYALTY


  • 100% Cotton
  • Historically Precise 
  • Detailed Embroidery
  • Sizes up to 2XL
  • Runs Small

C.N. Lowe, an England Rugby international (18 tries, 25 caps), a 1st World War flying ace credited with nine victories, and supposedly the inspiration for W. E. Johns’ character “Biggles.” He was a Cambridge University student and won rugby blues in 1911, 1912 & 1913, making him a rare ‘Triple Blue’. He also played in four England Grand Slam winning sides until his retirement in 1923.

Claim this vintage Triple Blue tribute T-Shirt crafted to remember one of the greatest games in the sport. This product comes assembled with 100% cotton and is shipped to your door from our warehouse in the southern United States. Own your piece of English rugby history and cherish the greatness of the sport. 

NOTE: Feedback on this item has been that it runs a size small. It is recommended to adjust orders accordingly.