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Vintage Gilbert Rugby Match Ball

Throwback Gilbert Rugby Ball

This beautiful vintage Gilbert Rugby ‘Match’ ball design has been used by the world’s great rugby teams for over 100 years. This four-panel Gilbert ‘Match’ design burst onto the scene in the first quarter of the 20th century and was widely used in international and domestic competitions from the 1920s onwards.

Since 1823 Gilbert has been the manufacturer of choice for the global sport of rugby. The sport of rugby and the Gilbert company were both founded in the town of Rugby, Warwickshire, England. Gilbert continue to manufacture leather rugby balls using the same techniques first used by William Gilbert (1799-1877) when he was making balls for the players of Rugby School.

The official catalog of the Prince Albert’s 1851 Great Exhibition of the Works of Industry of All Nations, held at the Crystal Palace, has William Gilbert listed as exhibitor No. 187. The company’s listing, “Footballs of leather dressed expressly for the purpose” makes for a powerful brand statement even today. Now an innovative powerhouse in world sport, Gilbert continues to espouse the values that established the business nearly 200 years ago.

Celebrate the history of rugby with this vintage Gilbert Match Ball. Sewn with perfection, this distinguished ball will stand out and be recognized by any connoisseur of “the game they play in heaven”.  

The superior materials and expert craftsmanship used to make this tribute to rugby’s history make it an ideal conversation starter in your home, office, restaurant or club. Made from genuine leather, this ball is built to last, ensuring it will continue to inspire generations of rugby fans in years to come.

We ship direct to you from our warehouses in the southern United States and stand behind all our products. We’re confident you’ll be as passionate about this token of rugby history as we are.