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Supertee Prince Kicking Tee

Dan Carter Supertee Prince Kicking Tee

This is the shorter version of the Supertee King, designed by All Blacks legend Dan Carter.  The ground clearance of this tee makes it ideal for all ages as it is easier to learn off of higher tees.  As well, it makes it easier for more advanced players to kick accurately in muddier and grassier conditions.  The large base and teeth on the bottom hold the tee in place in various weather conditions.  Teeth on top allow for multiple ball positions to accommodate different kicking techniques.  

Rugby tees come in all heights, shapes, and sizes.  They lift the ball out of grassy, muddy fields so that players can strike the ball more firmly and accurately.  Lower tees are a bit more stable and allow for power kicks while higher tees are easier to learn off of.  Therefore, field conditions, kicking style and personal preference determine the height of the tee you want to use.  


  • Ideal for all ages
  • Each tapered tooth has been measured to accommodate rugby league and union balls
  • Zero friction release
  • Ball can be placed at any angle