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Rugby Holiday Nutcracker

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Rugby Holiday Nutcracker

It's a nutcracker. No, it's a decorative office ornament. No, it's a prop in the World Rugby Shop!

We're not one-hundred percent sure what this figurine is, but if you've ever dreamed of combining your passions for rugby and holiday cheer, your answer is here. Equally fun and kitschy, this Rugby Holiday Nutcracker is the perfect gift for your teammates, friends, and family.
Use it to crack pistachios and other small snacks when you're not breaking gain line. (Or remind coworkers what sport you play come time for your office's secret Santa.)

Hand-made wood with paint. Movable mouth. Synthetic hair. Stands six to seven inches tall, depending on how you style the mullet. Watch out, though. Jack Goohue and Nick Cummins's style have nothing on this guy .