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Paladin Old Glory DC Rugby Training T-Shirt


Official Paladin Old Glory DC Rugby Training Tee

This 100% polyester tee designed by Paladin Sports, known internationally for its quality sporting apparel, embodies strength and comfort. Soft, light weight with a relaxed fit - for a hard day in the gym or a day of leisure. Navy with subtle designs and white stripe across the chest give it a unique rugby flair, much like the Old Glory DC organization with Scottish Rugby Union ties. Finished with Old Glory logo on left breast, Paladin logo on right breast, and MLR logo on right sleeve.


  • 100% polyester
  • Dry-fit
  • Light weight, relaxed fit
  • Color: Navy
  • Old Glory logo on left breast
  • Paladin logo on right breast
  • MLR logo on right sleeve
  • Sponsor logos:  Cuisine Solution, Leidos, Iron Vine Security 


  • Machine wash cold
  • Do not bleach
  • Hang dry
  • Do not iron