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Gilbert Control-A-Ball Rugby Ball Pack

Gilbert Control-A-Ball Pack

The Gilbert Control-A-Ball Set is a unique training tool designed to increase player awareness and skill level. From beginners first learning the pass, to elite teams preparing for unpredictable situations, this set will increase reflex and responsiveness.  As no two rugby matches are the same, training with this kit prepares players for whatever happens on the pitch and helps turn mistakes into game-changing plays.

Partnering with former Springboks and Montpellier coach, Richie Gray, Gilbert developed 5 hand-stitched balls, each with slightly different behaviors to test player’s reactions.  

Featuring 5 Balls:

  • UNSTABLE ball:  Fill with water for practice handling messy plays; those wayward catches, wobbly passes, and mid-tackle offloads.
  • GRIPLESS ball: The completely smooth surface challenges the player’s hand position and grip strength.
  • HEAVY ball:  Conditions players to feel the pass in hand and trains reflexes.
  • LIGHT ball: Conditions players to feel the pass in hand and trains reflexes.
  • MATCH ball:  High-quality ball allowing players to apply their new fluency when switching up drills.

Ball Care:

  • Inflate to 9.5 psi using a hand pump
  • Prior to training or match, use a soft cloth, light detergent and warm water to remove dirt and residue from your rugby ball. This ensures that the grip remains in prime condition for maximum length of time. 
  • Store in a dry environment  

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