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Coaching Stick Performance Pack

Coaching Stick Performance Pack

The Coaching Stick Performance Pack is designed to help increase player’s foot speed, ball control, and much more.

The sticks go into the ground with a ground peg, which is only made for natural grass.

This performance pack includes: 18 coaching sticks (6 red, 6 blue, 6 yellow), 9 horizontal sticks, 18 swivel clips, 18 hollow bases as well as two carry bags (one for equipment and one for hollow bases).


  • Weight: 32 lbs. per pack
  • Material: High-impact plastic coaching stick; Round steel base with ground peg
  • High-impact plastic construction
  • Round, steel base with ground peg
  • Natural-surface friendly
  • Swivel clips, which allow for multiple angles to be created when attaching the horizontal hurdle sticks.
  • 18 coaching sticks (six red, six blue, and six yellow),
  • 9 yellow, horizontal hurdle sticks, and 18 swivel clips.
  • A carry bag which increases ease of storage and transportation.