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Of the many tremendous national rugby teams around the globe, few have influenced the sport as long and as profoundly as the following.  Regardless of team allegiance, rugby lovers around the world admire these top teams for their values, their fierce performances and the everlasting mark they have made in the Rugby world.

New Zealand All Blacks
New Zealand’s presence has dominated the international rugby world for over 100 years. Their Haka and even the name “All Blacks” are universally recognized as representative of their strength and power. With a history of Rugby Championships, Rugby World Cups, number one rankings, global leading scorers, and incredible winning streaks, the All Blacks’ record speaks for itself and makes them a squad all rugby fans admire.  

South Africa Springboks 
With a history marked by adversity and endurance, the Springboks exemplify the importance of perseverance and unity that the sport of Rugby instills.  Today, the squad is one of the most formidable opponents on the international rugby stage.  In 2019, South Africa dominated  the Rugby Championships as well as the 2019 World Cup, making the team the first to win both events in the same year. The 3 time RWC title holders went on to be named the 2020 World Team of the Year for the second time.

Established for the purpose of playing in the first recognized international rugby match in 1871, England has since been a force to be reckoned with on the international rugby stage. The organization’s emphasis on the values of teamwork, respect, enjoyment, discipline, and sportsmanship is felt throughout the game, making England’s influence world-wide and lasting. The red and whites currently compete in the annual Six Nations Championship.

Since 1906, France has been an integral participant in the rugby world. The rich history and pride of Le XV de France is marked in the collar of the team's jersey with 'Notre maillot, notre histoire, notre pays'. The squad has competed in every Rugby World Cup, reaching the finals 3 times. France competes in the annual Six Nations Championship and is the 3rd most-winning nation over the entire history of the tournament.

Ireland first played an international match in 1875, losing to England. Since, Ireland has become a top international competitor. The squad competes in the annual Six Nations Championship which it first won in 1894. The team has been outright champions 14 times with nine shared wins.  Ireland's highest World Rugby ranking came in 2019 at number 1, currently making them one of the most formidable international opponents.

In 1929, Italy began playing international rugby as a part of Federation Italiana Rugby union. As one of the top European teams, Italy was added to what became the Six Nations Championship. The squad has also competed in every Rugby World Cup since its founding in 1987. Known for their iconic light blue uniform color, this team, ranked 14th in the world in 2020, is often referred to as Gli Azzurri.  

Since 1871, Scotland has been competing on the pitch and a top international competitor. In 1883, the squad joined the 5 Nations competition and played in it through its final year in 1999, winning 14 times and sharing the titles 8 other times. In 2000, the 5 Nations became the 6 Nations, which Scotland currently competes in. The squad also participates in the Rugby World Cup which it has been a part of since the inaugural year in 1887.

Wales has been at the forefront of rugby since its first national club was formed a few years after the initial official rugby union was formed. With a long history of records and firsts, and the team has earned its place in the world of rugby. The Welch Dragons have competed annually in the Six Nations since1883, winning the tournament 27 times, most recently in 2019. In 2019, Wales also finished fourth at the Rugby World Cup and reached number 1 in the World Rugby rankings.

While USA’s representative body is young, the Eagles have made themselves a major name in rugby with wins over teams like New Zealand’s All Blacks Sevens (2015) and a Sevens ranking as high as #2 in the world (2019). USA Rugby has grown the sport tremendously, garnering over 100,000 members nationwide and establishing youth programs to develop the next generation of players. In recent years, the Eagles have shown through rankings, winning streaks, and appearances in cup finals that USA Rugby is a force to be reckoned with on the pitch.