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For the fan of Vintage Rugby...
Rugby's history dates back to 1823.  Throughout the years, the sport's apparel and gear have evolved with the changing game and changing times. Along the way, fabulous designs were created that have withstood the test of time.  These designs have become memorabilia that pull on the rugby lover's heart-strings.  Those who love rugby can't help loving it's inspiring past. Give your sweetheart a piece of history with one of these classics!

Classic Style Rugby Jerseys
For true rugby fans who want to dress in style whether cheering on their favorite team or enjoying time with friends in the pub on a cool day, vintage inspired jerseys fit the bill. With their long sleeves, polo collar with button placket, and unique designs, these shirts are classy yet casual wear for your rugby lover.

Vintage Rugby Balls
What would rugby be without its iconic oval-shaped ball? Birthed by William Gilbert, the unique rugby ball's shape was essential to the development of the game.  The ball's form changed with the sport and finally, in 1892, the first official regulations on rugby ball sizes came were written into the rugby rules.  

 Guinness Accessories and Apparel
Guinness has come to symbolize a way of life, always with style, wit and good humor, much like the rugby community itself.  For many years, Guinness has supported the sport of Rugby through sponsorships on multiple levels. Notably, Guinness is the brand sponsors the Pro 14 and has recently become the title sponsor of the Six Nations Tournament. 

ACME Rugby Whistles
In 1883, ACME developed the original police whistle which was such a success, a year later it launched the Acme Thunderer, the first sports whistle, as a "new way to talk to players".  Today, Acme Whistles is known as the most reputable whistle company in the world and their products are seen at rugby matches around the world because they gain attention and help control the pitch.

Framed Vintage Rugby Prints and Photographs
Bring a bit of rugby history into your rugby lovers home or office with a rare and unique vintage rugby photo, signed print or jersey. What players and teams of the past brought to the sport's game and culture will long be remembered.

Vintage Rugby Sweaters
For something different on a cool day, a vintage rugby sweater is a fabulously stylish and unique wardrobe addition. True rugby fans will appreciate these classic jumpers that are certain to spark intriguing rugby conversation.   

Vintage Rugby T-shirts
For a unique and stylish piece of rugby apparel that can be worn at any time, whether solo or beneath outerwear, a vintage rugby tee is perfect. A rare gift and great conversation starters, these shirts have rugby flair.

Vintage Rugby Polos
Polo style shirts and rugby have been together since the sport's beginnings. Rugby has a fascinating history and a unique flair, making a vintage polo top a great way to say, "you're as unique and special to as the sport of rugby is to you."