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Women's Rugby Jerseys
For a girl who loves Rugby, a great option is a jersey from one of the most well known teams around the globe. These shirts can be used for training or everyday wear, particularly on game day.

Women's Rugby Hoodies and Sweatshirts
Though women always have the option to wear unisex style apparel, it's nice for her to have some true women's cut options in her wardrobe.  For crisp days, see these Rugby sweat tops that will add flair to her attire as well as flatter her figure.

Rugby XV Foundation Apparel
The XV Foundation serves to establish diverse funding for USA Rugby Women’s XVs. The program began competing in 1987 and won the inaugural Women’s Rugby World Cup. However, it is the only program without secondary funding. To compete in an increasingly professional landscape, the women’s XVs program needs a financially sustainable platform through diverse, direct and transparent revenue sources.  

Cold Weather Rugby Hats
Whether cheering in the stands or training on a cold day, Rugby gals need to stay warm. Give her something to keep her cozy that has just enough Rugby flair to make it special.  

Warm Weather Rugby Hats
Perfect for a walk in park on a sunny day or for a bit of shade while cheering from stands. Give her a cap with Rugby flair, whether with a team badge or the logo of one of Rugby's biggest supporting sponsors.

Women's Cut Rugby Shirts
A feminine cut piece of Rugby apparel is both unique and practical. Whether a tee, short sleeve polo or long sleeve top, a woman deserves a shirt specifically designed for her. Give your Rugby girl something made just for women - with a soft touch but Rugby tough.  

Boyfriend Fit Rugby Hoodie or Sweatshirt
Tired of your girl borrowing your hoodie or sweatshirt? Give her one of her own that has the qualities of yours. Consider ordering a size up from her normal size or order your size for the oversized fit she likes to lounge in.

Breast Cancer Awareness Rugby PINK
Show your support for breast cancer awareness! Whether it's for training, recovery, or relaxing, Rugby pink says I'm a supporrer.
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Rugby Self Care and Recovery Accessorie
After tough workouts, nothing is more important for your rugby player than to ensure his or her body will be ready for the next intense event. With the amount of exertion that rugby players experience on the pitch and in the gym, it's important to take steps to help recovery and prevent injury. Show your love with a self-care product or two.