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TRUSOX White Mid Calf Crew Length Cushion Rugby Socks


TRUSOX White Mid-CalfCrew Length Cushion Rugby Socks

The TRUsox® 3.0 Mid-Calf Crew grip socks are the most popular product in the range. TRUsox® patented IN//EXtech™ on both the internal and external surfaces of the sock, simultaneously grips to your foot and footwear, eliminating any points of slippage. Improved stability and security in your footwear allows you to maximize transfer of energy as you change direction, accelerate and decelerate, maximizing your performance.

How-To Wear

Since TRUsox simultaneously grip your foot and footwear, they must be worn with direct contact to both the foot and shoe.Use of a traditional sock over or under the TRUsox will create a point of slippage and reduce effectiveness. Rugby playerscut the foot off of their game socks to create a sleeve.The sleeve is then used to overlap the TRUsox, allowing the TRUsox to perform effectively while still wearing team issued game sock.It is not recommended to tape too low on the ankle as doing so can restrict ankle mobility and cause discomfort.


Machine wash in cold water with like colors.No Bleach. Tumble dry low.



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