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Gilbert Kaizen 2.0 Power 8 Stud SG Boots

Kaizen [KAHY-ZEN]: The Japanese philosophy of continuous improvement. 

Part of Gilbert's new Power Collection, this boot features the classic 8-stud configuration with PRO-tip technology that drastically improves the boot's strength and stability.

The new TRIFLEX upper turns an otherwise heavy boot into a super lightweight piece of gear. It also adapts to the shape of your foot and provides waterproof protection. The boot's complex multi-matrix insoles, too, provide maximum responsiveness. Fits a slightly wider foot. Guaranteed to last.

The 8-stud design has been traditionally worn by the tight five--the locks, props, and hooker--who need maximum traction. But with recent technologies, boots like these have become light enough for any player who wants extra grip in the messiest conditions. Perfect for driving straight through a ruck, mauling down field, or holding your ground in the scrum.

We recommend that you tighten your studs before wearing your boots for the first time.

Color: Black/Silver

Thrive in unfavorable conditions. Be the change you want to see.

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