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Gilbert Youth Rugby Tag Belt

Gilbert Fizz Orange Youth Rugby Tag Belt

These high quality tag belts and tags were designed by Gilbert to ensure that young players can enjoy their first steps into the game of rugby without diving straight into full contact.

Each set comes with 1 adjustable black belt and 2 tags of the same color either fizz green, fizz blue, fizz pink, fizz orange or fizz yellow – to make games fun and easy to coordinate.

Tag rugby is a great introduction to the game of rugby.  Players can develop skills and sport awareness without full contact.  Each player wears a belt with two velcro tags attached to it, much like in American flag football.  Both rugby league and rugby union use tag rugby for development and training.  


  • Color: Fizz Orange
  • Size: Youth 
  • 1 adjustable Black belt
  • 2 Tags of the same colour