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Gilbert USA Rugby Vintage Leather Rugby Ball


Official USA Rugby Vintage Leather Ball

Although rugby hit the shores of America long ago in 1874 (with the first recorded match between Harvard and McGill), it took another 100 years for USA Rugby to officially step on the pitch for the first time.

Celebrate the heritage of Rugby in America with this handcrafted vintage leather ball commemorating the history of USA Rugby. Created by Gilbert Rugby using the methods and traditions that reach back nearly 200 years.A wonderful rugby memorabilia that makes a great decorative piece for any lover of the game.


  • Leather
  • Officially licensed by USA Rugby
  • Premium leather ball embossed with team logo
  • Color: Black
  • By Gilbert Rugby, original rugby ball manufacturer

For information on how to care for rugby balls,Visit our Ball Care Guide



1. In order to get the needle into the ball, dampen the needle with water.

2. The valve for the ball is situated in the main panel, but on the match balls the valve is hidden in the seam.

3. Make sure there is enough space for the needle to go all the way in without touching the facing inside wall of the ball. Not doing this may puncture the ball from the inside. Hold the neck of the valve with two fingers. Pinch it, wet the needle and slide it in.

4. It also helps to grip the entry point from underneath to make sure the needle goes all the way in.

5.The most mentioned problem when inflating balls is that the needle isn’t inserted into the bladder. If you hear air escaping, you haven’t put the needle all the way into the bladder of the ball.


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