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Vintage England Rugby Union 1871 Navy T-Shirt


Vintage England Rugby Union 1871 Navy Tee

  • 100% Cotton
  • Historically Precise 
  • Herringbone Detail on Side Vents 
  • By Ellis Rugby, Leeds England
  • Sizes up to 5XL
  • Runs Small

The year 1871 marked the beginning of international rugby in the world. Scotland and England, neighboring countries part of the United Kingdom, agreed upon an internationally friendly. Scotland first challenged the English side when they asked to play a 20-a-side game against the best that England had to offer. The English accepted the challenge and selected Frederick Stokes to captain their squad. The Scottish selected Francis Moncrieff as their captain of the team.

The match took place in Raeburn Place, Edinburgh in front of a crowd of 4,000 fans on March 27th. The much larger and physically superior English team wore dazzling white jerseys with a rose crest on their chest. The smaller Scottish side wore brown jerseys ornamented by a thistle. The crowd was heavily in favor of Scotland as both sides fought valiantly for the pride of their country. The Scottish team eventually broke open the stalemate and won the match by scoring two tries and a goal over England's one try. Seeking revenge and hungry to reclaim their nations pride, England won the ensuing match in 1872 and thus the international game of rugby became tradition.  

Claim this vintage English 1871 tribute t-shirt historically crafted to remember the beginning of international football for England and the world. This product comes assembled with 100% cotton and is shipped free to your door from our warehouse in the southern United States. Own your piece of English rugby history and cherish the greatness of the sport. 

NOTE: Feedback on this item has been that it runs a size small. It is recommended to adjust orders accordingly.


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