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Is World Rugby Shop part of the Yahoo! Shopping network?

World Rugby Shop is a proud member of the Yahoo! Shopping network.

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What special features are available to Yahoo! members?

Yahoo! members can take advantage of special features that allow you to spend more time shopping and less time filling out forms. Just login to Yahoo before you checkout to experience the benefits described below.

  • Automatically fill in your billing and shipping information
  • Create a list of "Saved Products" that you can come back to later
  • View past orders

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Am I required to be a Yahoo! member to shop here?

Not at all. You can even take advantage of our Wish List feature without joining just by submitting your email address. Membership with Yahoo! is completely optional and has no effect whatsoever on pricing or order processing.

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How do I become a Yahoo! member?

Becoming a Yahoo! member is easy and absolutely free! Just sign up for a Yahoo! ID.

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What else should I know about Yahoo! Shopping?

The Yahoo! Shopping is completely owned and operated by Yahoo! Inc. For more information, please visit the Yahoo! Shopping Help page. You will leave our website and go to a page operated by Yahoo!.

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Do you have a page where I can wade through complex legal jargon?

No business is complete without one. Just take a look at our terms and conditions for all the fine print you can handle.

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