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Advanced Rugby Training Kit

Retail $550.98 per kit. SAVE $197.18 over retail!
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  • 24 Scrimmage Vests (12 Red, 12 Blue) #44802.SC & #44802.SK
  • 2 Gilbert WRS Training Balls #729157
  • 50 Disc Cones #9840.SV
  • 1 Set of 12 Speed Rings #9828
  • 1 Speed Ladder #4649
  • 1 Training Book #33377
  • 6 Veloce Hurdles #9847

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  • Training kit comes with scrimmage vests in two colors so you can run an effective scrimmage or small game.

  • Speed rings, speed ladder and hurdles give you plenty of options when it comes time to train your players foot speed and agility.

  • Training balls and disc cones provide the essentials for running a proper rugby training session.

  • Kit also includes a training manual to help get the best use out of your advanced training kit.

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