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Team Sales FAQ

Team Sales FAQ

What is the minimum number of items I need to purchase in order to get better pricing?
That is going to depend on the item. For the Pick & Go kits the minimum size order for the price breaks is a set of 22. Tier pricing is available on a host of products, however, so feel free to call in to a team sales representative to find out the pricing options for your product.

How quickly can you get me my gear?
Non customized items shipping from our warehouse arrive in 5-7 business days going ground within the continental US. We also have a 2nd day shipping option and a next day option if customers wish to expedite their merchandise. Upgrading your shipment shortens the time frame for shipping, but does not cut down days to process orders in our warehouse if there is customization selected.

What brands do you offer?
We currently offer team pricing on WRS, adidas, Gilbert, Kooga, Canterbury of New Zealand and Barbarian. You can check out the brands here for our in stock items. Make sure to call a teamsales rep for anything you don't see here or for a fully customized kit.

What is WRS?
WRS is our own World Rugby Shop brand. We have taken player feed back and years of experience in the sport and used that to help us create a product of outstanding quality and durability. And because we are not purchasing from another company we are able to keep middle men costs low and pass those savings on to you. So in the end you get a high quality product that doesn’t kill your wallet.

Can I buy other gear like shoulder vests, balls, or rugby boots in bulk?
Absolutely. Balls are already set up on our websites with team specific tiered pricing structures and you can either check those prices online or give a team sales rep a call. Shoulder vests can be discounted when purchasing a quantity of 8 or more and cleats can be purchased in bulk as well. Make sure to call a team sales rep to get the price breaks for each particular brand of cleats.

Can you customize scrimmage vests?
Yes we can. Single color only for the logos and you need a minimum order of 8 to have them customized.

Can you customize Balls?
We sure can. We currently offer customized Gilbert balls that you can add your logo or text to as well as a host of colors. Orders of 50-99 will cost just $14 dollars a ball before shipping and orders of 100 or more are only $11.50 a ball before shipping.

What does your Pick and Go Section do for me? How is it different to just buying online?
The Pick & Go section allows you to purchase an entire kit at an exceptional value. Normally you would need to purchase each piece of kit by itself, but by using the pre-set Pick & Go packages you save by buying all three at once. We carry a deep stock on the items found in these packages which allows us to purchase them in bulk at a lower price and pass the savings on to you. Simply put there is no better value for the money out there.

Can I buy a Pick and Go package online?
The Pick and Go packages are not available for purchase online. You will need to speak to a friendly team sales representative in order to make your final purchase.

What are you customer service hours?
Feel free to call us M-F 8am – midnight EST, Sat 10am – 6pm EST or Sun 12pm – 8pm EST.

Do you sell youth and women's gear?
We do carry a number of team products in both youth and women’s sizes. Make sure to call a team sales representative to find out what options are currently available.

Can you make a fully customized jersey?
Yes we can. If you would like to create a fully customized jersey as opposed to one of our in stock designs all you need to do is call a team sales representative and they can get you exactly what you need.

Do you sell High performance jerseys?
Yes we do. Performance Jerseys are typically named as such due to their tigher fit and their fabrication make up and we have a number of jersey and short options that will suit your need for performance.

What about sublimate jerseys?
We also have sublimate jerseys on offer for teams. Make sure to call a team sales rep and see if this option is right for you.

Do you do custom tees, hats, etc?
We can brand a number of products such as hats, t-shirts, and polo’s with your team’s logo on it. Just speak with a team sales rep and they can get you what you need.

I'd like to customize our shorts, can you do that?
And how! Just call a team sales representative and they can help you get your team logo or numbers placed on the shorts.

I'd like to customize our Under Amour, think you can swing it?
Done and done. We can heat press your team logos and numbers on your Under Armour just like a regular jersey. Just give us a ring and we will get that done in a hurry for you.

Can I wear Under Amour to play 7s?
Absolutely. Under Armour is actually very well suited to 7s given the nature and basic season of the game. As 7s is a game generally played in the heat of summer, the performance fabric helps keep you cool and dry during play. The tight fit also makes Under Armour ideal for 7s as it helps you avoid those frustrating jersey and arm tackles. As 7s is less of a contact game, Under Armour will hold up quite well during play.

Can you make custom socks?
We have a couple different manufacturers who can supply custom socks. The typical turn around time is roughly 2 weeks if made from one of our vendors within the US.

Can you customize Goal post Pads?
Yes we can. Just call a team sales representative and they can tell you about all of your customization and product options.

Can I return or exchange my customized product?
Customized product can only be returned if that product is defective. Be sure to verify any sizing, number selection and spelling prior to submitting a customization order.

Do you have logos that I can choose from?
We have a number of pre-made designs which you can choose from. Just call a team sales rep or look through our logo page of already made up logos to find out which one’s are right for you.

Is there a set up fee for me to send you a custom logo?
There is a one time set up fee. The price will depend on how you want the logo to be applied. Custom logo design fees start at $25.00 for heat-press or screen and $75.00 for embroidery. Design fees may vary based on intricacy and detail of image.